Increase eBay Feedback and Sales With A Smart Feedback Reminder

Improve your eBay Feedback score to gain buyer trust and rank higher in eBay search

INCREASE eBay feedback score by 50% or more
with the most popular and advanced eBay auto-feedback tool

Feel the success of your increased eBay feedback score

Get a clear overview of your eBay feedback automation performance.

  • See how much automatic eBay feedback reminders have helped your business increase its Seller Feedback Score
  • Take a fresh look at the latest reminders that have been sent to your buyers

It doesn't take long to boost your eBay feedback & get response from your customers. With 3Dsellers, you see results immediately!

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Sent with eBay's messaging system

Ensure deliver-ability and a high open rate.

3Dsellers is the only eBay feedback tool that sends messages through eBay’s messaging system.

Feedback Reminder gives you the ability to automatically express credible communication & skip email spam folders with reliable eBay message delivery.

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Set it and forget it

Fast feedback-boosting set-up and effortless sending.

  • Send thousands of personalized requests automatically at the most effective times
  • Choose if your reminders are sent after item's payment, shipment, or arrival date
  • Customize messages and sending times for domestic and international customers
  • Send a second reminder if the buyer fails to leave feedback

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Automatically leave feedback for your buyers

Leave bulk feedback messages to your buyers, sent at the perfect time.

Personalize the feedback you want to leave for your buyers and Feedback Reminder will automatically shuffle which feedback messages are sent.

To personalize and give your business more authenticity, you can even choose a custom time to send them.

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Stay in the loop with eBay feedback alerts

Gain buyer's trust and boost seller status by quickly reacting to negative feedback.

Choose to be notified via email if you receive a negative or neutral feedback to protect your overall score.

Impress your buyers and solve issues immediately with exceptional customer care.

Additionally, you can choose to be notified of positive feedback as well.

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Smart blacklisting

Keep your eBay seller reputation safe and stop reminders from sending under certain conditions.

Automatically add all buyers whose orders are canceled or refunded to the blacklist, and add buyers manually.

In addition, you can create item specific rules:

If a buyer purchases an item that matches one of your rules, Feedback Reminder will refrain from sending messages for that transaction.

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